it site survey checklist

Where is it most important that users have high bandwidth? Offices, meeting rooms, and break rooms are typically key. Is good coverage also needed in hallways, bathrooms, stairwells, and elevators? Don’t forget utility rooms that may house wireless equipment. Indicate these areas on the floor plan. By being strategic about which spaces are necessary to cover, you’ll end up with a high-performing and efficient network.

Based on the above considerations, come up with initial ideas for access point locations. Be sure to check the coverage range of your access points. Build in some overlap between neighboring access points to guarantee seamless roaming, dynamic load balancing and network resiliency.
it site survey checklist
Here you have a few options. You can install wireless site survey software on a laptop, or you can purchase a specialized survey tool. Either way, place your wireless access point in each of the tentative locations and then walk around with the survey tool to gather data in various spots. The software will record which access point it’s connected to, the transmission rate, and signal strength and quality. The more comprehensive your walkthrough, the more useful the survey will be.

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